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Does GOD Really KNOW ME

Does GOD Really KNOW ME?

A good question, and often asked by young people today. The answer is very rarely given in concise terms, or rarely answered to the satisfaction of the youthful mind searching for the answer. Well today you will have your answer and the proof!

How do I know that? Simple --- GOD told me!

(I am going to be using passages from the Bible to present the truth to you, but I also want you to understand that I have used a smattering of artistic license to put the 'conversation' together. I have used the books of Jeremiah, Psalm, and Isaiah, for this .... if you are not fimiliar with how the Bible is laid out, here is a short lesson: Jeremiah 1:4-9 .... this is the major compenent used for this writing ....
Jeremiah is the 'book' in the Bible, the first number is the chapter from that book, and the numbers after the colon ( : ) are the verses used. For this blog I have used the following: Jeremiah 1:4-9; Psalm 139:15-16; Isaiah 49:1-5 ...., hope this is clearer than 'mud' for you....hang on here we go ! )

Jeremiah, who is an important son of one of the leading Priests, Hilkiah, lives in a little town called Anathoth, (which is in the land of Benjamin) and he had been having conversations with GOD since the thirteenth year of King Josiah's reign in Judah, and they had lots and lots of conversations with one another, that is why some people today call Jeremiah a minor prohpet.
....but just to be totally honest with you, any time you have a lot of conversations
with GOD, I would say that is pretty major ! ......

So here is the gigg. Jeremiah and GOD are having a conversation and it goes something like this....

Jeremiah: "LORD how do you know me?"

GOD: " I knew you BEFORE I 'formed' you in your mother's womb.
BEFORE you were born I 'set' you 'apart' and I 'appointed' you
as MY spokesman to the world ! " will see (obviously) that I have placed some words into capital letters, and other
words are placed into ' ....' marks, this is because I will be making specific reference to
these particular words later on in our discussion....

JEREMIAH: " YOU made all of my delicate inner parts?"

GOD: "Yes, Jeremiah, I, the LORD, 'knit' you together in your mother's
womb, and I, the LORD, 'formed' together your every bone."

JEREMIAH: " Thank-you, oh LORD for making me so wonderfully complex!
YOUR workmanship is marvelous, and how I know it well."

GOD: " I was with you as you were being formed in the utter seclusion
and it was I, the LORD, who wove you together in the darkness
of your mother's womb."

JEREMIAH: " You, oh LORD, 'saw' me before I was born? "

GOD: "Yes Jeremiah, and even more than that, I have recorded every
day of your life into my books. Every moment of your life has
been laid out, and All of this I completed 'before' a 'single day'
had passed !"

JEREMIAH: "Oh my LORD, how precious are Your thoughts about me.
They are innumerable! I am not even able to begin
to count them; they out number all the grains of the sand! And
when I awake in the morning you are 'still' with me!"

....., there, proof positive !
Now you might well say that this only concerns Jeremiah, but that would be incorrect thinking, because, if GOD had to'knit' Jeremiah together, does it not stand to reason that HE would have to do the same for you? After all Jeremiah was not the first person GOD created, so if Jeremiah were not the first person, and GOD was still having to 'knit' together people in their mother's womb, then HE must have had to do the same thing for you!

GOD tells Jeremiah that HE 'knew' him BEFORE he was formed ! Now think about that for a moment. If GOD 'knew' Jeremiah BEFORE HE even formed him, does that not speak to the fact that GOD placed a lot of thought into who Jeremiah was, and who he was going to be?

GOD also tells Jeremiah that HE 'set' him 'apart' and HE 'appointed' him .... this is all pretty specific thought processes for a single persons creation ! If GOD thought about all of these things for Jeremiah, how much did HE think of You when HE was spending all that time with You, knitting you together in your mother's womb?

Think about the almost ten months that it takes to 'create' a human life? Every single moment, of every single day of those ten months, GOD is with You, secretly, privately, fearfully and wonderfully knitting You together! Do you not then think that in all that time HE is not talking with you? Giving you purpose and direction in your life, 'setting you apart', and 'appointing' you to your own specific purpose for being here today?

Even more than this however, GOD tells Jeremiah that HE knew him before a single day had passed!!! That is like, WOW! Before the very first day of the world, before GOD created the heavens, earth, oceans, fish, people, animals, HE all ready knew Everyday that Jeremiah was going to live, HE had all ready recorded all the days of Jeremiah's life into HIS book, and set down every moment .... that is HUGE !!!

Now if GOD has done all of this for Jeremiah, HE has certainly done this for Every person HE ever chose to create ---- yes this means you too ! GOD knew You, before HE knew your Mom and Dad, before HE knew what kind of day it would be on the 27th of November 1776! HE has ALWAYS known You!
HE knows you today as well as HE knew You as HE knitted You together in your mother's womb!

Think about this just a little bit more...., You and GOD spent some very personal time together, when no one else was ever even able to talk with you, You and GOD were spending every single moment together! Do you not think that during this very private and intimate time in that darkness, that GOD did not speak to you about the very special person you are today, and the very special person you were meant to be? Do you not think that GOD, knowing You BEFORE a single day of this world had even come and gone, does not value You, Love You, have very special plans and purposes for Your life?

Look at what Jeremiah says to GOD about the thoughts that HE, GOD, must of had for him, Jeremiah, he says that these thoughts about him were to GOD, "precious thoughts", they were thoughts that were too "innumerable to count", thoughts that out numbered every single 'grain' of "sand" upon the earth ---- how many grains of sand are there in the whole world?! Mind boggling isn't ! That is exactly how many thoughts GOD had about You!

So the next time that you are feeling down, or wondering perhaps if you are important to any one, or even if there is a GOD, and if there is does HE know YOU?! Think about this .... ! Think about the fact that GOD is with you every single morning that you awake, just as HE was there for Jeremiah.

GOD has called You. GOD has chosen YOU. GOD has purposed YOU and has great plans for YOU and YOUR life ....., if this were not so, why would GOD have even bothered to spend ALL that time thinking about You, and knitting You together? If YOU were not important, if the LORD did not know You, HE would not have spent all that time thinking about You, loving You, or calling You into greatness within Your own life.

Is ther a GOD and does HE Know You? ..... YOU can count on it!

keep checkin' in and we will keep talkin'

Praise the name of the LORD! HE is calling Your Name!

doc cam

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